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My OST – Kryptik

Some songs just appear over and over at the right moments in your life. That‘ s the soundtrack. Or songs, which you happen to hear in an important moment or a funny, senseless but in an anyway memorable moment of life.

One of it would be „brimful of asha“. I guess the band was called cornershop, if i remember it right. Hated that song. You said, that you liked it. So we listened to it everytime when you brought me home in your good ol`… I don’t remember the certain car type, but it was a stationwagon and it had these wonderful artificial wooden panels at the side.
You brought me home whenever i asked. You were there always knew the right moment of me to be there during those months, even afterwards, liz told me about it. I never told you how much you being there was good. Everything new and weird…you made it familiar. Remember this one night watching the moon? Dave Matthews versus Offspring?
So we kinda lost contact after all… All i know is that you went off and joined the army. Now hoping that you are not where i fear you are. Theres no way to find you. Anyway, thank you for those great, overwhelming mixtapes. Haven’t listened to them for a while, but they made their way thru quite a long time of my life. And will. Don’t forget after all: in mind`n heart forever.

Listen to „Brimful of asha“ -Cornershop

„There’s dancing behind movie scenes
Behind the movie scenes – Sadi Rani
She’s the one that keeps the dream alive,
From the morning, past the evening,
Till the end of the light“

Hope you don’t play too much with that shotgun in the mud ;)